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The other weekend after a hellish day of things going wrong left and right I convinced my fiance to come dust off and come out with me for my friend’s birthday. Neither one of us much felt like it and for well deserved reasons.

My friend K. is amazing and funny- and she just turned 31! So out celebrating with her she proudly proclaimed several things. 1) I’m apparently hilarious and she needs me to come out more often. 2) That anything I write should be dubbed something along the lines of small but loud.

I guess there is something to be said for growing up the way I did. I was always the smallest of my friends and family. My best friend growing up proudly coined the saying small in size, loud in volume. All of which I take with a smile; for at least I am memorable. And if the worst thing I am is loud well then I think I’m doing pretty well.

Side note though: the words big & loud bring back flashbacks of the 90’s cartoon movie ‘Cats Don’t Dance’ (http://youtu.be/pB0n7KTyEdI if you want to see what I’m talking about) So I seriously went around the rest of the weekend dying to see this movie again.